Hands up who here’s been to Coffee Nature yet! We’re here to sing it’s praises because it’s the focus of this Local Coffee Shop Highlight blog. Located at 355 Bristol St., Coffee Nature opened a few years ago and has steadily been attracting customers and buzz with its coffee. And they take their coffee really seriously too! Take their cold brew, for example; they have a cold brew tower on hand that’s dripping for eight hours to create their extremely tasty cold brew.

We sampled a bunch of stuff from their menu and fell in love with most of it; their Lavender Latte was great as was the Stumptown Coffee, the Cortado, horchata, salted caramel and Café Valencia. Café Valencia you ask? It’s a mix of cold brew, orange juice and mint. Just amazing (and they’ll give you a sample if you want to try before you buy).

The food there is just as tasty; from their gluten-free crepes to paninis, to their Acai Bowl. Happily the prices are just as digestible too with most drinks clocking in between $3-$5 and the most expensive food being $7.

The service at Coffee Nature was pretty good too. They’re a younger set, mostly students, which matches the clientele who seemed to be composed of UCI law students! Either way, it’s got a great atmosphere with complimentary wifi so come here to soak in the people watching while surfing the web or just kick back with a book. They also have outdoor seating too.

Coffee Nature is open from 7am to 6:30pm on weekdays and 7:30am to 3pm on weekends. When you’re heading over that way remember they’re across the street from the Ayres Suites hotel so use that as your landmark. We’re confident that Coffee Nature will be here for years to come so check it out!