Environmental awareness has been a topic that’s pervaded our lives in the past century, through instances like Teddy Roosevelt’s movements to create national preserves and parks, and Al Gore’s introduction to the idea of global warming and the greenhouse effect. At Main Street Village Apartments in Irvine, California, we strive to do our best to not only give you a luxurious home to live in, but a green and eco-friendly one, too.

On the luxury side, Main Street Village spares no effort; every apartment nearly overflows with extravagance. All the rooms are spacious, and with three different interior finishes to choose from, you can personalize your home in a way most other apartments cannot offer. Both the kitchens and the bathrooms feature fine, lovely granite countertops, wood cabinetry for easy storage, and cool stone flooring for simple clean up and maintenance. Kitchens are decorated with a full-height tile backsplash for style and practicality, along with recessed lighting to see clearly during the night hours. Bathrooms offer a large Roman bathtub so you can soak and bathe in utter comfort. Every bedroom comes with a walk-in closet with ample capacity to hang and shelve your belongings, and of course there’s a balcony for you to sit outside and enjoy the brisk Californian sun.

On the eco-friendly side, Main Street Village spares no effort, even in ways you wouldn’t normally expect. The walls are painted with two-tone, low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, and the upgraded carpets are also low VOC, which helps to save the environment from toxicity. The bathrooms have an occupancy sensor connected to their lights: they turn on when you arrive, and then turn off when you leave, saving you both the hassle of struggling to find the light switch in the dark and the amount of electricity you use in a month. The faucets in both the kitchen and bathrooms are low flowing, and the toilets have dual flush capacity in order to save water in instances of drought or just for the sake of clean water conservation. Finally, all kitchen and laundry appliances are from Energy Star Whirlpool, which guarantees limited usage of electricity and water. No matter how you live your life, Main Street Village Apartments will help you save the environment, and save you on the utility bills.

At Main Street Village, we don’t force you to choose between green eco-friendliness and elegant comfort; we offer you both. Do your part to help the world blossom, and visit Main Street Apartments today.