Green living is a choice. Many people don’t want to make that choice, but a responsible person might look at the advantages to living at Main Street Village in Irvine, California and weigh those when considering places to live. Simply put, luxury apartments for rent don’t generally focus on sustainability. Main Street Village does.


So that’s reason enough to live here, right? Well certainly the water reducing faucets, energy efficient water heater, and literally dozens of other energy-conscious features of these apartments demand attention. But the benefits go beyond the apartments themselves.


Near bike trails, hiking trails and parks, the complex is certainly conducive to an active, healthy lifestyle. But its convenience in regards to business is what really spells the difference. After all, if you can walk or ride your bike conveniently, doesn’t that make car dependence less likely?

Yes, yes it does.

From restaurants to shops to drinking establishment to other entertainment options, this neighborhood has it all (including easy access to the John Wayne Airport). As an added bonus: Many of the businesses in this neighborhood are green conscious as well. Take for example, Souplantation, a place that focuses on soups and salads with fresh ingredients. This neighborhood loves sustainability.

So yes, living green is a choice. But that choice can be enhanced and made simpler. And that is the sort of thing that Main Street Village prides itself on. For convenient, luxury apartments for rent in Irvine, California, the kind of places that take living green seriously, Main Street Village is the place to go.