One thing that everyone values in an apartment beyond the amenities is the location. A good apartment should have stores and restaurants close so that you don’t have to spend countless hours each week just to get the necessities you need. Main Street Village accomplishes the goal of providing a location that is close to all the entertainment and activities you love.

Main Street Village is a magnificent luxury apartment in Irvine community with wonderful amenities in each apartment. In the surrounding area, however, there is a plethora of establishments that many would love to be so close to. Within a 5 mile radius there are movie theaters, restaurants, and clothing stores. Main Street Village is one of the few apartments that if you need something done you don’t have to go far to get what you need. There are numerous stores within biking distance of Main Street Village including Gelson’s Market, Gourmet Detective  and even the Diamond Company.  If you were looking for a more perfect, area to live in, you’d be searching for quite some time.

There is a lot to love at (and around) Main Street Village. If you desire convenient access to shops, restaurants and entertainment and quick access to the highways is important to you then it is time to schedule a tour at Main Street Village in Irvine. Change how you live. Change both the quality of your abode as well as that of your neighborhood. Change it all at Main Street Village.