There are times when you come across an offer you can refuse. No, not in a mob boss kind of way but offers that benefit you so much that it wouldn’t make any sense for you to pass it by. Well, we believe that we have one for you. Here at the luxury apartment community of Main Street Village, located in Irvine, CA, we have apartment units that are loaded with the greatest in luxury amenities and offered to our residents. Let’s go over some of the highlights of the units that are available in our wonderful community. After reading this, you will see why you shouldn’t pass by the chance of living within our community.

In our community you will be able to experience the luxury and the uniqueness of granite countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom area. Granite is a great material to use not only because of its modern look but also because of the ease of cleaning and upkeep. Granite also harbors significantly less germs than other countertop materials. If that is not enough luxury in your bathroom and kitchen areas then maybe the addition of wood cabinetry and stone flooring throughout both rooms will suffice? Both of these room are supplied with energy star whirlpool products which means that your equipment will be efficient and advanced.

The resident who decides to live in our units will be able to enjoy the brand new upgraded carpeting that we feature throughout the units. We also utilize two toned paint for the interior of our units to give the color more of a professional finish. Both the carpeting and the paint used have low VOC (or volatile organic compounds) for the health and safety of our residents. You will also get to choose from three different interior finishes when selecting the unit of your choice.

These are just some of the luxury amenities that you could enjoy if you decided to join us in our community. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, make no hesitation in calling today!