Single bedroom apartments are some of the easiest apartment unit types to find in most areas. The problem with that is that not all of the single bedroom units that can be found live up to the standards of those who are not just looking for a single bedroom unit, but a luxurious single bedroom unit. For these people, here at the luxury apartment community of Main Street Village, we have our Tahoe unit which is a one bedroom option that comes packed full of luxury amenities. Let’s take a couple of minutes to go over the incredible benefits that comes with selecting this unit as your own.

The layout of the Tahoe provides function and luxury. This can be seen immediately when you enter by the stone flooring in the kitchen that greets you. The kitchen area has granite counters and state of the art hardware that you are able to utilize. The living, dining, and bedroom areas are all carpeted with upgraded flooring for a fresh new modern look. We give you enough space to utilize in the living and dining area so that you can decorate it with the décor of your choice. It is also worth mentioning that the interior finish of our units comes in three different styles for you to choose from. This means that you are able to choose the finish that you want to accompany the décor of your space.

In this unit you are given storage space throughout in the various closets located within. None are more spacious, however, than the walk-in closet that is attached to your master bedroom. With the included balcony storage our residents are able to store as many items as they see fit without having to worry much about the space provided.

If you are thinking that the Tahoe is a unit you would be interested in call us today and get an application started! We look forward to our next interaction.