One of the primary points of pride for the Main Street Village community in Irvine, California is the focus on being green, but that isn’t to the detriment of the luxury apartments for rent. The true beauty of this complex is the ability to do both: Be environmentally conscious while still living a good, comfortable life.

The green living features are extensive, and these small steps add up to making a big difference. From the water reducing faucets, to the dual-flush high efficiency toilet, to the whirlpool energy star refrigerator, residents can rest easy that their living choices are good ones.

And the apartments are a tremendous living experience. The beautiful furnishings and amenities keep the creature comforts high … these run the gamut from the gorgeous countertops to the spacious bathrooms. It’s luxurious, responsible living.

And as anyone in real estate knows, the location, location, location is the best part of the whole deal. Walking and biking is a cinch from this centralized location, and everything a person could want is right here. Take for example the delicious restaurant right down the road, Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine, a place where people can continue to make smart choices … and eat well.

All fans of sustainable living owe it to themselves to check out Main Street Village for the greenest luxury apartments for rent you’ll find anywhere. Irvine, California has its pluses and minuses, but this complex, and the lifestyle it can afford a conscious person, is the best of the pluses anyone could want.