When looking for a new two-bedroom luxury apartment there are some key components that you shouldn’t have to give up in your search. These are space, luxury, and amenity. These three concept are what separates average living from living with commodity. At the luxury apartment community of Main Street Village, in Irvine, CA, we give you a maximum under the category of all three of the concepts in our Angeles unit. Let’s take a moment to look at what you get in this luxury apartment unit.


The Angeles gives you as much space as can be wanted in a luxury two-bedroom model. You and your roommate will have rooms in separate ends of the apartment giving privacy and luxury to the both of you. In both your personal ends of the apartment are your bathrooms and closets. The space that is provided for entertaining is also a great commodity to the person renting this space. The Kitchen and Dining areas are of great size to host dinner guest and the space provided for the living area is great for entertaining.


In this unit you will enjoy things that will provide a certain sense of luxury. For example, the patio that is available in each of our units provides a luxurious place for you to get away and be outside in the beautiful Irvine weather. The fine stone flooring that is throughout the kitchen and bathroom areas are another bonus to this wonderful unit.


The Angeles features luxury amenities that provide value and utility. The granite countertops in the kitchen area are not just exquisite for their unique cut but they are also great for its high germ resistance and ease of upkeep.

These are just examples of a couple of the things you get in the Angeles in terms of space, luxury, and amenity. If you are ready to live in a luxury community with models like these, then call us today!