The advantages of Main Street Village in Irvine, California are many and varied. These luxury apartments for rent are beneficial not only for their ideal location (convenient to awesome eateries like Back Street Brewery), and their fabulous design/features, but also for their stellar community amenities.


For instance, this residential community has its own library (with Wi-Fi). That is the kind of unique thinking that sets Main Street Village apart. How many apartment complexes have you ever heard of that have their own library? Probably not many (or any).


Of course that’s just one feature out of dozens. The aforementioned Wi-Fi is available throughout the complex, in such diverse locations as the 24-hour fitness center, the private pool cabanas, the THREE different pool areas, the clubhouse with gourmet kitchen, the BBQ gathering spots, the executive conference room, and the private theatre room/e-lounge with HDTV.


That’s a lot of stuff to digest. And it doesn’t even included the game room, the basketball court, the convenient on-site storage, the children’s playground, the TWO spas, or the secured bike storage or private parking with controlled entry.


Like we said before, the feature list of this community is LONG.


So if you’re in the market for new luxury apartments for rent, either as an upgrade or as part of a move, make sure you include Main Street Village in your search. This is the jewel of Irvine, California in many ways, and whether you’re an avid reader (and therefore into the private library) or not, Main Street Village certainly has a feature just for you.