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Leave Your Pup in Safe Hands With the Best Doggie Daycares in Irvine

We understand the gravity of this topic. This isn’t about just tossing a couple twenties to some neighborhood teenager to watch your kids while you go to the movies. This is much more important. This is your dog. So only the best of the best in Irvine can be considered.

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Furnish Your Dream Apartment at These Three Local Stores

Furnishing a new apartment can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a huge hassle.  If you’re new to the neighborhood and excited to get started on furnishing your new place, these three nearby stores will get you the most bang for your buck—and leave you with a living space you can be proud of.

Ambiance Home

The showroom floor of Ambiance Home is nothing less than inspiring—it’s virtually guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing on how to make this your best apartment yet!  The staff is super friendly and accommodating, and the prices are more than fair. If you’re looking to furnish your new place with some pizazz and a little bit of class, you can’t go wrong with Ambiance Home.

Furnishing America

It’s easy to get lost in Furnishing America—but what a wonderful place to get lost in!  It seems like they mostly specialize in living room and dining room furniture (so if you’re shopping for the bedroom, you might want to check out one of our other recommendations), but their staff is warm and welcoming, and their selection is substantial.  If you plan to entertain a lot of guests, then this is the perfect place for you!


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Cort Furniture Rental

If you’re not looking to stay in the neighborhood for very long (or if you’re just getting started at a new position), then you might want to consider CORT Furniture Rental.  Renown for their customer service, they have a sizeable collection of rent-to-own furniture that you can bring home today without breaking the bank.  


Whatever your tastes and whatever your budget, there’s a furniture store nearby that has what you need.  Try one of our three favorite local spots to get started on building the apartment of your dreams. And from everyone here at Main Street Village—welcome home!

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Explore the Hiking Trails Around Irvine

Normally when someone tells you to take a hike, they are trying to get rid of you. Here in Southern California, where people often combine a love for the outdoors with fitness, we mean “take a hike” literally. Usually. Even if someone is trying to make you go away, there are some beautiful, scenic places right here in Irvine to go away to. Here are three of our favorites.

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The Best Farmers Markets Around Irvine

These days, it seems like anyone can throw up a couple of tables to sell artisanal cheeses from goats that have voluntarily milked themselves, or craft beers from a microbrewery that only uses hops that have been read Shakespeare as they blossom and call themselves a farmers’ market. We’re not saying it’d be a hipster, but it’d probably be a hipster.

We want the real deal.

Lucky for us (and you), the City of Irvine and this nifty non-profit called the Orange County Farm Bureau do this thing where they “certify” farmers’ markets, so you know you’re getting goods directly from legitimate farmers. And here they are, by days of the week:

Sunday: The Great Park Certified Farmers’ Market. This is the only farmers’ market certified by the City of Irvine. As you have probably guessed, this takes place at the Orange County Great Park. Some of the food is actually grown right there in the park at the Great Park Farm + Food Lab. The Food Lab is a neat interactive outdoor classroom where you can learn all sorts of fun stuff, including how to pickle. And everyone should know how to pickle.

Tuesday: Irvine Regional Park. Rain or shine, from 9am-1pm. Plus, you can be sure to explore the rest of what the park has to offer. For example, the Irvine Park Railroad. A train, people. An old-timey train that takes you through the park, while you eat your artisanal goat cheese. And then, of course, the OC Zoo, which supplies fresh eggs to the farmers’ market (okay, not really, but that would be pretty cool).


Wednesday: Tustin. Again, rain or shine, 9am-1pm. This time, in what is known as the “City of Trees,” Tustin, at El Camino Real and Third Street. Right by the very cute Peppertree Park and around the corner from the ever-so-popular-can’t-miss Cream Pan bakery.

Thursday: Costa Mesa. This is going to sound familiar: rain or shine, 9am-1pm. The Costa Mesa market is at the OC Fair grounds. And as a fun and fantastic FYI, the OC Fair is actually going on now until August 12. Our favorite part? The live pig cam.

An apple a day 🍎💛

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So pull on your overalls, slap on a straw hat, and jam a piece of wheat between your teeth. Not that the farmers’ markets have a dress code… but we don’t want you to look out of place.
Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.

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The Happiest Happy Hours in Irvine

It’s quitting time, and you just don’t feel like going straight home. After a long day at work, you could probably use a drink. There’s an easy solution. Call up a friend and have them meet you for Happy Hour! Here are our favorite Happy Hour spots in Irvine.

Tokyo Table

For a taste of the far Pacific island at a reasonable price, Tokyo Table is a sure bet. You can get all your Japanese favorites like sushi, ramen, and teriyaki with some fun new spins. Try an entree in an Ishiyaki stone bowl. The bowl is heated up to 500 degrees and the meal is then prepared in it tableside. Or go with a robata item, where meat is cooked on skewers over an open flame. And wash it all down with a house sake or Sapporo draft for only $3.50.


Many places will throw sliders on the happy hour menu because they are cheap. They give you a small, lifeless, shadow of a hamburger. But at Hatch, sliders are what they do full time. And they do them very, very well. As the menu puts it, you just have to choose from “Moo, Oink, Flap, Swim, or Sprout” and your gourmet sliders are on their way. Oh, did we mention it’s a tiki bar? That means you will be surrounded by the warmth of the spirit of aloha as you down tiki drink specialties like a Mai Tai or a Sex On The Beach.

Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen

If you are looking to spice things up and celebrate the south, head to Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen. They are serving up the finest foods from Latin America and Mexico with an emphasis on freshness. Here you can get refreshing tequila drinks made with house-made juice infusions at their daily happy hour. On Thursday and Saturday nights and Sunday mornings during lunch, you can also enjoy live Latin music. Come for the tequila, stay for the guitara!

Center Hub Bar

Can’t decide what you want to eat, but you know you want a drink? Check out Center Hub Bar, in the TRADE Food Hall. This collection of small restaurants and food trucks has plenty of food options to choose from. And holding everything together is Central Hub. So you and your friends can get the food you each want and meet up in the middle for happy hour drink specials. Why bother arguing over where to eat when you can all have it your way?

It’s not hard to find a Happy Hour in Irvine that has all you are looking for. Did we miss your favorite Happy Hour spot? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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Dive Into the Best Swimming Spots in Newport Beach

When we first contemplated this entry of the best places to swim in Newport Beach, we considered simply posting a photo of Main Street Village’s Junior Olympic size swimming pool and calling it a day. After all, what better place to swim than your own backyard? And not just because of the pool — don’t forget our cabanas and hot tubs.

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Explore The Top Tier Golf Courses of Irvine

We live in Orange County mostly for one reason: the weather! It is a perfect place where the temperature is usually perfect and the skies are blue and clear. And what better way to take advantage of that beautiful weather than hitting the links? Here are the top 3 golf courses around Irvine.

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The Best Italian Restaurants in Newport Beach

For Italian food lovers, great Italian food means so much more than just a bowl of pasta.   The quality and origin of the ingredients give it a regional flare and dimension.  Besides the obvious deliciousness of Italian food, Italian restaurants are known for their warm service and family-like welcoming atmosphere.  Here’s some of our favorite restaurants in Newport Beach where you’ll be welcomed like family as you feast on some of the finest Italian flavors around!

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The Best Barre Studios in Irvine

The barre method has quickly become a favorite among workout enthusiasts.  The Barre workout utilizes a combination of postures regularly practiced in yoga and pilates along with some exercises performed with the use of a ballet barre (hence the name).  The benefits of barre are endless, but most people go for the thin sculpting effect and incredible help with posture and balance!  Barre studios have been popping up all over the place, so we’ve collected a few of our favorites in the Irvine area where you can sweat and sculpt!  

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The Best Beaches To Workout On In Newport Beach

Southern California is an incredible place to live, work, and play.  And the crown jewel of the golden state?  Our magnificent beaches of course!  If you started 2018 with some fresh goals to exercise and spend more time outdoors, we’re with you.  What better place to get a workout in than on the sand?  Here are the best beaches to workout on in Newport Beach — you won’t even know you’re working out we promise!

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