With a camera never more than a few inches away from our hands, we’re photographing almost everything we see. But let’s face it; not everything is worth taking pictures of (including some of those meals). So what are the most Instagram worthy spots in Newport Beach? We thought you’d never ask!

Start off with the Artist Walk Corporation at 201 N. Bush St. The downtown Santa Ana art and food scene has evolved into one of the best go-to locations in the OC. The art scene has grown in this region in particular, with its mixed-use buildings and frequent art walks and exhibits. The hipster scene really shows itself off via the architecture, restaurants and, of course, art. The art-walks are a must-see when in the area and the restaurants offer some of the most unique and delectable cuisine in the region. Click!

Next, you should check out the Huntington Beach Pier over at 103 Pacific Coast Highway. Southern California is a great region known for its beaches and, even more importantly to some, their iconic piers. Huntington Beach began its stratospheric beginnings in 1904, thanks to its surf culture. It was legendary surfers George Freeth and Duke Kahanamoku that made this specific pier a landmark. Located by Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway, this city is also home to the Surf Museum just down the street. Enjoy the sunrise, the sunset and the surf. Click!

Have you been by Montage Laguna Beach yet? Situated at 30801 S. Coast Highway, the 30-acre seaside resort is home to one of the most beautiful and luxurious artist colonies in the Southern California area. Located in the heart of Laguna Beach, this spot is arguably one of the best tourist locations in the area, able to grab a lot of attention with its impeccable views from its main lobby balcony. In fact, it’s that in itself that had become one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the region. In each location of the resort — from its cleverly placed benches, restaurants and main lobby — you can capture many moments to post on Instagram! Click!

Finally, of course, there’s Disneyland! A visit to the happiest place on Earth has also been voted as the top destination geo-tagged on Instagram and just so happens to reside right here in Orange County. The beautiful theme park is a landmark known all over the world and home to some of the most well-known characters, including – of course – Mickey Mouse. Every season the theme park introduces exciting elements make for great Instagram posts. The iconic rides and characters have the world wanting to capture what makes Disney so special and people following you will have something to ooh and ahh over.

Wherever you go, make sure you’re not stepping over any cliffs or walking into the paths of oncoming vehicles – something that’s easy to do if you’re focused on the picture. Take stock of your surroundings – and happy snapping!