If you like so many Americans love the spicy pungent delight of a chai tea, you’ll be pleased to learn that our local chai tea game is strong! Plus the spices in chai tea offers many benefits from easing the stomach to aiding in digestion. Here’s some of our local faves in the Irvine area:

Portola’s Coffee Lab

Portola’s is a self described farm-to-cup establishment, so you can rest assured you’ll be getting authenticity and ethically sourced tea leaves from Portola’s.  They do coffee right, and you can bet they do chai tea lattes right too. You won’t find anything short of perfection at Portola’s!

Chai lattes. Making afternoons better, one cup at a time.⠀

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Cafe Tomo

Cafe Tomo is the king of latte art, and they make a mean chai.  Their chai is a bit on the sweeter side, but it is sure to warm you right up on a cold day..or order it iced and cool down on a hot day — your pick!  We highly recommend trying their cheesy Tomo bread or pretzels while you’re stopping in too, the two pair quite nicely.

Sootha Coffee

Stroll over to Sootha Coffee via the nice nearby walking trail and you’ll land at a homey little Irvine coffee shop.  Sootha is perfect place to set up shop while you use your wifi to work as you sip a wonderful chai tea latte.  Pro tip: order a cranberry muffin to go with your chai, you won’t be disappointed!


If you like your chai with a side of boba, you’ve come to the right place!  Lollicup knows their teas, in fact they own an entire franchise of stores dedicated to delivering customers the best quality bubble teas and more.  You can order your chai as a refreshing blended dessert tea or as a hot tea, both are guaranteed tasty!

Peets Coffee

Peets coffee is probably familiar to many as a nationwide chain, but it definitely is worth noting for its exceptional chai tea.  Peet’s take on the traditional Indian cup combines their special blend of teas and spices, and is lightly sweetened with steam milk.    

Happy chai sipping all!