Exercise – without it we’d be… well, let’s not think about that, shall we? Instead, let’s focus on CrossFit and specifically the best CrossFit studios right here in Irvine. If you don’t entirely know what CrossFit is, here’s a quick history. It’s a fitness regimen designed over several decades by Greg Glassman that’s all about constantly varied functional movements all performed at high intensity. So you’ll find that all CrossFit workouts can include weight lifting, running, towing and more as they’re all core movements. So what are the best CrossFit studios in Irvine? Let’s drill down.

We found CrossFit Insanity more than “fit” the bill (what a shame you can’t lose weight with bad puns).  The coaches here seem to be great at what they do, which includes how they work with and respect their clients. Their WODs (“Workout Of the Day) last for around an hour and include 15 minutes of warm-up, 15 minutes of mobility or lifting before a full 30 minutes of that day’s WOD.They also have a website that allows you to track your results. While there, we spoke to one guy who was sad he was leaving town to take a job in NYC as he was going to miss this place.  Overall, it’s great for all levels of fitness and comes packed with amazing coaches.

The next place we hit was The12. There, every day serves up new and exciting (and exhausting!) challenges and happily there are great trainers (Hi Nichole and Mari!) there to help you through them. The12 opens weekdays at 5am and goes until 9pm and from 7am to 5pm on weekends and takes you without appointments. Look, at the end of the day these workouts are hard but that’s the point; it’s worth taking a week’s worth of sessions because most beginners give up after a couple of days. Overall The 12 delivers a high energy and encouraging environment.

Finally, we hit CrossFit Newport Mesa which was awarded Best Workout and Best Gym in the OC by Locale Magazine. Their philosophy centers around keeping you healthy no matter what level you wish to achieve (from keeping you healthy to play with your kids to being ripped for the summer). They offer a different WOD daily and each comes with five different versions based on what you’re up to. The gym is very clean and the staff highly knowledgeable.

With summer around the corner, now’s the time to hit the gym and hit it hard with CrossFit. We hope these suggestions are a help otherwise we sweated to death for nothing…
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