Fitness Centers in Irvine

Happy New Year! As we are recovering from a month of parties, food, free-flowing champagne and a serious amount of cookies, something on many of our thoughts is the common resolution to hit the gym.

Luckily for those of us here in Irvine, there is a vast assortment of fitness centers for everyone. Whether you just need some basic cardio, or want to step it up with something more intense, we have got you covered with this list of some of our favorites here in the area. Read on and get ready to be pumped up.


If you are looking for a high powered, non stop hour workout that will keep your body a calorie burning machine for up to 36 hours, look no further than Orangetheory.

Repeatedly deemed “The Best One Hour Workout in the Country”, Orangetheory combines weight lifting, rowing, cycling and more in a group environment while providing their members a personal coach. While you may feel some pain, the gain is undeniable. (Psst, they offer a free week trial, too).



Equinox knows how to make a workout FUN no matter what your level and is especially awesome if you are looking to get some sports play in as they boast a basketball court, running track and even a rooftop playground in their 120,000 square feet of fitness.

During this month, they have a great deal going on to get back your initiation fee if you come workout twelve times with them.



If all you need is some miles on the treadmill after a day at the office, or work off some steam and pounds, we love LA Fitness on Barranca Parkway.

Open late (11pm) and offering a slew of programs and a great staff in addition to their state of the art equipment , we admit that a reason to “go to the gym” is sometimes code talk for relaxing in their sauna!



If you have dreamed of knowing how to safely protect yourself as well as boost your self-confidence, may we suggest OC Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts?

Famous for their array of services from Beginning Kickboxing to Jeet Kune Do (Literally what Bruce Lee was taught), OC Kickboxing will have you discovering how strong and powerful you really are.

Check out their FREE 30 Day trial program, too!



Stark is another program that has been praised by popular sources like The New York Post and Men’s Journal. Stark works closely with each client and treats their body and goals as individuals: not a “one size fits all” plan. They laos staff chiropractors and natural healers so you are getting a wide range of concerns covered.

Traveling for work, not home much? Not a problem as Stark even offers remote coaching.


Where will 2017 take you? Will you be losing those stubborn pounds, transforming your body or training for that 5k? No matter what your goals are, you can rest assured there are plenty of options for you and your family! Make sure to keep us posted on your progress on Facebook and Instagram, too.