Fido is looking like he wants to go out. He’s scratching at the door and so it’s time to figure out where to take him. A walk is a walk but what if you want to do something special with the little guy? There’s so many pet-friendly activities you can find here in Newport Beach if you know where to look. They’re like bones! So with that in mind, we took our little one out to help dig them up and bring them to you.

Located in the heart of Newport Beach, Fashion Island is a great area to shop with your dog – as it’s loaded with pet-friendly outlets and restaurants. Alongside the gorgeous views of the ocean and the towering palm trees, this is a place Fido loved as most stores were very welcoming. There are also a couple of fantastic dog-friendly restaurants there too; the Café Beau Solei, and Bloomingdale’s 59th & Lex Café.

Next up is the Newport Coast Shopping Center that comes with not one but three dog-friendly restaurants.  Take your pick from First Class Pizza, Sharky’s and the Mustard Delicatessan – to Fido they’re probably all the same!

If you want to take the little one to the beach you might be in for a problem as dogs aren’t allowed on beaches or backcountry however, they ARE allowed on the paved pathway above the beach – AKA the Crystal Cove State Park. Dogs must remain on leashes at all times and keep in mind that they’re open from 6am to sunset.  And if you’re at the Crystal Cove Promenade be sure to stop by the Pacific Whey Café & Baking Company that are a dog-friendly café that serves up omelets, salads, sandwiches and pastries – as well as a bag of homemade treats for the little one!

You can wind up your day catching sunset with your furry pal at the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve. It’s a 1,000 acre coastal wetland that includes a Nature Preserve, hiking and bike trails, and a visitor center. You and the little one (or not so little one) can enjoy walking the trails there and enjoy the sun as it sets too.

Hopefully you’ll find some great places to take your dogs – ours is tuckered out and curled up in his basket as we speak. Probably dreaming of next week’s sunset on the Reserve.