When you say best tacos in Costa Mesa you know you’re in for a treat as outside of Mexico they’re some of the best in the world! And when you say best Taco Tuesday spots in Cost Mesa you’re in for a massive treat as we have plenty of them. We went out and did the research (oh, it was so awful! Having to stuff ourselves full of tacos was just… well, it was Heaven) and so without any further ado, let’s present the best of the best.

Let’s start with La Cañada Grill. It’s supremely authentic and the prices are amazingly reasonable. Their Taco Tuesdays sport prices like $1.35 per taco and they’re just delicious! When you sit, you’re automatically served warm tortilla chips and salsa which as you can imagine goes down a treat. The blackened fish tacos are nothing short of stellar as well as are the other fare like the massive vegetarian burrito that comes to a grand total of just $3!

Taco Tuesdays at the Amorelia Mexican Café were just as good and are all about authenticity. Their speciality is Morelia, Michoacan Mexico and their prices are also very reasonable. Open from 10am-9pm Mon-Thur, 9am-10pm on Fri-Say and 9am-8pm on Sunday, the Amorelia also serves up a variety of tacos on their Taco Tuesday menu. You can get 3 x 5 Street Tacos or 3 x 6 Tacos Dorados along with $3 cervezas and $5 house margaritas.

Tacos Cancun serve up their Taco Tuesdays with fresh meat – or not, if you’re vegan. In that case you’ll want to order their potato tacos. In fact they do more than just nod in the vegan direction and serve up an amazing number of tasty vegan choices including the Vegan Burrito and Vegan Chorizo Tacos.

Finally, check out  Avila’s El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant for a great Taco Tuesday experience. Avila’s – open since 1977 – now has 13 locations. We went to the one on 2101 Placentia Ave and loved it. Great service and hospitality as well as a friendly atmosphere were hallmarks of our time there and the food was phenomenal. It’s not just the tacos that rock – so does the Chile Verde and the Enchilada Rancheros as well as the flan!

Wherever you spend Taco Tuesday, you can be assured that all the places listed here serve up great tacos and a wonderful, authentic atmosphere!