Coffee Shops in Newport Beach

What is it about coffee? Many who love the caffeinated java are self-proclaimed ‘addicts’ and most days must begin with the perfect cup of Joe. Lucky for all you out there, we thought we would compile a list of the best coffee in Newport Beach. You’re welcome!

Kean Coffee

Kean doesn’t mess around. Offering Fair Trade and organic coffees exclusively, Kean is one of Newport’s finest for fresh, roasted daily coffee, teas and chocolates, too. Opens daily at 6 am.


Alta Coffee

With several coffee shops in Newport Beach, Alta certainly has our vote for one of the best menus in addition to their excellent coffee and espresso drinks. With several of their breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings Vegetarian and/or gluten free friendly, Alta also has exciting entertainment throughout the week.


Newport Coffee Company

From 6 hour cold brewed coffees to pour overs and artisan drinks, Newport Coffee Company was founded in 2014 and has quickly taken off as another favorite for best coffee shop in Newport Beach.


The Waffle Affair

Be warned: Prepare to want to stay awhile and order much more than your Mocha when you step into The Waffle Affair in Newport Beach! Boasting a mouth-watering menu of, you guessed it, many waffles, this breakfast nook proudly serves Illy coffee and espresso along with their works of art.


Xanadu Cafe

Whether it’s that perfect cup of java you are after, a small bite or perhaps a great lunch, Xanadu Cafe has been a favorite among Californians since 1985. Just moments from the beach, Xanadu is an ideal spot to bring your laptop, have a small business meeting over coffee and croissant, or simply jump in to grab your drink.

And, this is just the beginning. Newport Beach has plenty of coffee shops to check out every day, and only 10 miles from Main Street Village! Make sure to keep in-touch next time you head over to Newport Beach on our on Facebook and Instagram.