We understand the gravity of this topic. This isn’t about just tossing a couple twenties to some neighborhood teenager to watch your kids while you go to the movies. This is much more important. This is your dog. So only the best of the best in Irvine can be considered.

Here are our three favorite doggie daycares in and around Irvine:

Pet Point Medical Center and Resort

A hospital and a resort? Pet Point sounds like one of those places you go to get a nose job and then “convalesce in luxury” so none of your friends know exactly why you’re gone. We don’t think they offer bulldog botox, but it is comforting to know that you’re furry friend is having their daytime playtime at a Vet’s office. They also offer training, dental care, and salon services. Such luxury! We kinda want to get dressed up as pomeranians and experience this for ourselves. They have “petcams,” so keep an eye out for us!

Paw Sweet Paw

I mean, the name alone is cuddly, so how could this not be a great place to bring your four-legged companion. Paw Sweet Paw has different play yards for different energy levels. You know your best friend is going to get the best attention at Paw Sweet Paw. They, too, offer grooming and training, not to mention “hotel style” boarding. This place is “metal free.” No chain link fences, cages. Plus, they offer the first day of daycare free!

Ruff House Pet Resort

Again with the adorable name. Ruff House has daycare available 7 days a week. They require a meet and greet before accepting any dog into their “group play” daycare. If your dog is a bit of a… loner… they offer options for that as well. They have different play yards to separate pooches by temperament, size, age, energy, etc. Seriously, why don’t they do this at elementary schools? Check out the discounts for puppies 4-6 months old.

We know you have your favorite, so be sure to share with us on Facebook or Instagram. Or just send us pics of your dog at home. We love pets!