I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream Irvine!

Sure, Autumn is coming, the temperatures are dropping, so it’s too chilly for ice cream, right?  Well, yeah, in other parts of the country. But lucky for you, it’s Southern California. Here, the sun still shines and temperatures stay warm. And ice cream remains appealing.

As you can imagine, ice cream shops aplenty abound throughout Irvine. And why shouldn’t they? Ice cream is awesome. And we found three places that make it even awesomer. It’s a word. Look it up. We’ll wait. While we eat some delicious, awesomer, maybe even the awesomest ice cream.

Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream is home to the following dilemma: What do you do when you come upon ice cream that is too beautiful to eat, but too delicious not to eat? They take pride in their handcrafted flavors, and the magic they work with the toppings… well, it’s just that– Magic. They have several locations throughout SoCal, and lucky for you, they’ve added a second Afters Ice Cream, Irvine. One at Diamond Jamboree, the other at Spectrum Center, which opened only recently.

Strickland’s Ice Cream

The very best of Ohio (is that a thing?) right here in Irvine. Strickland’s has been making ice cream since 1936 in Akron, Ohio. How is it possible that delicious ice cream comes from Ohio? Well, when the founder used to work for a milk company, great things can happen. Bill Strickland created a super fancy ice cream machine that rapidly freezes the ice cream while limiting the air getting whipped up all in that madness. We’re sure science is involved, but we trust everything to the right side of the equation: the delicious creaminess. They only have a few locations around the country, and lucky for you, one of them is in Irvine.

Honeymee Ice Cream

No, your friend didn’t have a cold when they recommended this place. It’s not “honey bee ice cream.” It’s Honeymee. But you’ll swarm this joint like honey bees swarm to a rose garden. They drizzle honey on the ice cream. Do you really need more information than that? Maybe it really is honey bee ice cream.

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