Originally, we were going to profile our three favorite actual Mexican restaurants in Irvine CA. But then we realized we would have to leave one of our contenders off the list, as it’s technically not a restaurant. And this would be both a disservice to you and, quite frankly, to Mexican food.

Orange County has so many options, and one of our favorite happens to be a food truck. So here are our choices for where to find the best Irvine restaurants for Mexican food:

La Sirena Grill: Irvine

Mexican food with a purpose. And not just to satisfy or even excite your taste buds. No, when you eat at La Sirena, you are actually contributing to society, even the entire planet. The menu here is organic and based on sustainability. From the sourcing of its ingredients to the reclaimed wood used for the decor, this restaurant makes you feel good about yourself. Your conscience will be clear. At least while you’re in the restaurant. We don’t know what you do with the rest of your time.

Puesto Park Place Irvine

Sleek modern design will be the first thing you notice when you arrive at Puesto Park Place Irvine. It adjoins the new AC Marriott Hotel Irvine, but trust us, this doesn’t feel like other hotel Mexican restaurants. A combination of wood and stone with a modern flair to evoke visions of Mexico City. And much like Mexico City is a cosmopolitan international destination, the menu here offers traditional Mexican food with an international flair.

Taqueria Ayutla Oaxaca

And here’s the reason we changed the post to “best Mexican food in Irvine.” Taqueria Ayutla Oaxaca is a food truck. But man are they tasty. Be forewarned, they’re only open at night. Good news though, because they’re open late. 3am late. Just be prepared for a line. A long, long line. Don’t worry, not so long that you’ll walk out your front door and already be in line (it’s on the same street as our building!). If you’re a night owl, we have a feeling this will become a staple.

Did we miss your favorite spot? We know there are tons of Mexican restaurants in Irvine, not to mention that Mexico itself is just a two-hour drive away. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram! And for more of the best Irvine restaurants, check out our blog here.