As the days get chillier, there is nothing like a hot beverage to keep your spirits up. While it never gets downright cold (this is Southern California after all), it is still nice to have a hot delicious drink in your belly in winter. Luckily, Irvine has some fantastic options for a perfect cup of joe.  If you’re looking to get your caffeine fix in a comfortable environment, check out one of these coffee shops in Irvine.

Coffee Tomo

Coffee Tomo is all about hand drip coffee. You’re won’t find an urn of drip coffee from 4 hours ago sitting here. Each cup is handmade to perfection. They start with whole fresh beans, grind them before your eyes, and make your coffee your way while you watch! This technique has long been popular in Asian countries like Korea, China, and Japan, but is relatively new to America. In fact, Tomo is a Japanese word meaning friend. So grab a friend and head to Coffee Tomo for a designer cup of tasty java!

Blk Dot Coffee

If you are in need of a serious jolt, Blk Dot Coffee is the place to be. The very first thing you see on their website is the slogan “Sleep is overrated.” Their specialty is a drink they call VTM coffee, which is guaranteed to give you a solid boost! BLK Dot is on their way up. They recently expanded from the first location in Irvine to four locations in Laguna Beach and Irvine. You can find them in the Google Center or The Marketplace in Irvine, on North Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, and this fall in Irvine Spectrum. In addition to excellent coffee, they feature tasty food like banh mi and other amazing sandwiches!

Sootha Coffee

Sootha is the perfect place to sit back and relax with a latte and do some reading. Or work. Or studying. Or whatever, really.  Enjoy a cup of coffee made from 100% organic beans and nosh on a toasty panini or crispy fresh salad. They also offer occasional Home Barista classes so you can learn to make a mean cup of java right in your own kitchen!


If you’re looking for a place to relax or a cup on the go, you’re sure to find a winner in this group of spectacular coffee shops in Irvine. Do you have a favorite coffee spot? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram. And follow our blog here for more recommendations in Irvine!