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The Best Brunch Spots in Costa Mesa

best brunch in costa mesa

It’s a lovely morning out. It’s the weekend. And you’re hungry. HUNGRY. Hungry for food and the company of friends which means it’s time for brunch! Yes, the meal that celebrates the art of sleeping in is here. But where are the best brunch spots in Costa Mesa? We went out to more than a few places to sample both the food and the atmosphere and we’re bringing you the goods.

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Your Guide To The Best 2017 Spring Events In Irvine

best spring events in irvine 2017

We’re emerging blinking into the light as spring finally descends all around us. Gone are the heating blankets and space heaters to be replaced by air conditioning! Lots and lots of air conditioning! Well here in Irvine, spring has a special place in our hearts especially because of the upcoming spring events held here. Let’s do a quick rundown of what to expect.

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The Best Crossfit Studios in Irvine


Exercise – without it we’d be… well, let’s not think about that, shall we? Instead, let’s focus on CrossFit and specifically the best CrossFit studios right here in Irvine. If you don’t entirely know what CrossFit is, here’s a quick history. It’s a fitness regimen designed over several decades by Greg Glassman that’s all about constantly varied functional movements all performed at high intensity. So you’ll find that all CrossFit workouts can include weight lifting, running, towing and more as they’re all core movements. So what are the best CrossFit studios in Irvine? Let’s drill down.

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The Best Irish Pubs in Newport Beach


We are well into March and we know what that means: The luck of the Irish is upon us and soon we will be scoping out the best spots to get our St. Patrick’s Day on.  We’ve compiled a small handy list for the  best Irish pubs in Newport Beach. Enjoy!

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Your Guide to Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Irvine

St Patricks Day events in Irvine

It’s officially March and we know what that means: The luck of the Irish is upon us and soon we will be celebrating an Irvine St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve compiled some of the local pubs and restaurants to get your Irish on later this month. Enjoy!

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Let’s Do Lunch in Costa Mesa


Living in Laguna Niguel, it can be difficult to ever want to stay home for your dining pleasures when the seafood is fresh daily, the produce is abundant and you can have an amazing view at nearly every restaurant you head to.

We decided to compile a list of some of our favorite places for lunch in Costa Mesa when you have a lunch date, or simply want to escape the hustle and bustle. Read on to discover some of our picks for a Costa Mesa lunch restaurant!

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Discover The Newport Beach Dog Park


One of our favorite features here at Main Street Village is that we are pet friendly and love our four-legged residents. Once the weekend hits, we know how important it is to spend some quality time with your BFF. Lucky for them and their humans, Orange County is filled with excellent dog parks to take them out to play ball and make new friends. We decided to get the skinny on the Newport Beach Dog Park. Read on to discover what has our vote for next time you want to get out with Fido!

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The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Newport Beach


Coffee Shops in Newport Beach

What is it about coffee? Many who love the caffeinated java are self-proclaimed ‘addicts’ and most days must begin with the perfect cup of Joe. Lucky for all you out there, we thought we would compile a list of the best coffee in Newport Beach. You’re welcome!

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Your Guide to February Events in Newport Beach


Happy February!  We hope everyone is enjoying our top picks for a day in Newport Beach. This week? How about some of the best and hottest events in Newport Beach going down this month? Read on to discover some of the coolest Newport Beach upcoming events!

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A Day in Newport Beach

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 9.54.42 AM

Living in Orange County, let’s face it: We pretty much live in Paradise.  With beautiful post-rain days upon us, now is the time to get out and enjoy Irvine and our surrounding areas, like Newport Beach. A haven for the famous, Newport is our own little corner of perfection, and ideal for a great day out. Read on to discover what we think would be make a perfect adventure outing in Newport Beach!

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