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The Best Fitness Centers in Irvine

Fitness Centers in Irvine

Happy New Year! As we are recovering from a month of parties, food, free-flowing champagne and a serious amount of cookies, something on many of our thoughts is the common resolution to hit the gym.

Luckily for those of us here in Irvine, there is a vast assortment of fitness centers for everyone. Whether you just need some basic cardio, or want to step it up with something more intense, we have got you covered with this list of some of our favorites here in the area. Read on and get ready to be pumped up.

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Your Guide to Farmers Markets in Irvine

Farmers Market Guide

With the New Year right around the corner, we are hearing a lot of our residents and staff members mention that a resolution they have for 2017 is to eat more healthy. Lucky for us, Orange County and Irvine, especially, are crawling with an array of amazing Farmers Markets that it will make it a breeze to start creating those new recipes and eating a healthier diet!

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The Best Hiking Trails in Costa Mesa

hiking trails in orange county

While there are several “Best Kept Secrets” to residing in Orange County, one of them is certainly right here in Costa Mesa: Our hiking. Whether you want to train for a WILD journey (movie OR book), get your jog in or simply want to get outdoors with the family, Costa Mesa and the surrounding areas are loaded with some hikes and trails ideal for any level. Read on to discover just another reason why we love living in Orange County!

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The Best Juice Bars in Costa Mesa

Juice Bars in Costa Mesa

Juice bars have taken the health scene by storm, and Costa Mesa certainly has it’s fair share of them. We’ve researched the best in the city, from local shops to organic chains. If you’re a juice lover, you need to give these local juice bars a try!  

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Your Guide to the Holidays in Costa Mesa


The holidays are here, which means there are events galore for kids from 1 to 92 in Costa Mesa this year. Here are a few of the city’s unique events to mark on your calendar. Let’s make the season bright!

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Your Guide to Exploring Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa CA

In the heart of Orange County, Costa Mesa is one of the county’s most diverse and pulsing cities. Named the best small town for restaurants west of the Mississippi by USA Today, Costa Mesa is also known for its environmentally friendly shopping, pristine public parks, and breezy SoCal climate. The local business scene is booming, so be sure to explore the city’s unique, Costa Mesa-exclusive shops and destinations while you’re in town. Whether it’s a shopping trip or a weekend excursion, here’s the low-down on what to do in Costa Mesa!

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Your Neighborhood Guide to Tustin

MSV-Guide to Tustin CA

Nicknamed “The City of Trees,” Tustin, California is a gem of central Orange County, home to a rich history dating back centuries. With an Old Town district complete with historical buildings, Tustin is also known for it’s beautiful, green scenery. Located two miles from the John Wayne Airport and nearby the I-5, the city is easily accessible for a neighborly visit.

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Your Guide to Visiting Newport Beach


Newport Beach, California is one of Orange County’s most desirable and sought-after areas for living and vacationing alike. Between its gorgeous beaches, fine dining, awesome photos ops, and plethora of fun activities for all ages, you will never be bored in this coastal paradise.

Read along for our guide to the best of Newport Beach!

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Your Guide to Irvine Living


If you already live in Irvine, California, enjoying a slice of the Orange county American dream is probably already on your regular menu. For those looking for a few more local attractions, let’s talk about food and drink highlights, entertainment, shopping, recreational spots, and pet-friendly options.

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From Your Main Street to Disney’s Main Street

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy living at Main Street Village Apartments: the luxurious living space, the friendly and vast neighborhood, the well-stocked community amenities, the swimming pools, the close proximity to the west coast beaches, and best of all…Disneyland! From Main Street Village, Disneyland is only twenty minutes away, so you and your family can enjoy all the best that Disney has to offer. As Halloween closes in, the Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is in full swing, so everything has been made particularly spooky to immerse yourself into the holiday.

To begin with, the entire resort is bedecked with Halloween decoration and flair. Main Street USA features a gigantic Mickey Mouse Pumpkin along with hundreds of carved Jack-o-Lanterns to take the best memorable photos with. All your favorite characters are dressed in Halloween costumes as they glide around the theme park or march down Main Street, famous attractions have been altered for Halloween – such as the Haunted Mansion and its new Nightmare Before Christmas theme, your last chance to ride the Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror before it’s gone forever, and the ghostly Space Mountain recolor – and everything is in the holiday spirit. Vendors sell spooky treats such as Poison Apple Cider and Halloween specific items such as t-shirts, dolls, decorations, and figurines, and little kids can dress in costumes and go trick-or-treating for candy and other sweets throughout the entire park.

There are also plenty of events that occur every other day, at night time, or over the weekends. The Main Street USA parade is a scary tramp of all your favorite characters in costume marching to the tune of cheerful music. The weekends end their nights with a beautiful barrage of fireworks that’ll fascinate anyone, regardless of whether they’re young or simply young at heart. For a limited time you can meet the most evil Disney Villains at the Meet and Greet Station if you dare to approach them to take photos. No matter where you go, a lot of fun and creepy delights await you.

So put on your fake vampire teeth and Mickey Mouse ears. Come to Main Street Village Apartments to find the ideal home for you and your loved ones, and then venture to Main Street USA to go on your Disneyland journey today, before the last of October wanes away.


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