For some, Thanksgiving is a holiday drenched in long-held family traditions. They go to the same family home with the same people to enjoy the same feast and activities. For others, Thanksgiving is a time to try new activities and make new friends. For this latter group, we have your back. There are plenty of opportunities to get out of the house and find fun. And maybe one of these events will become your new yearly tradition! Here are some Thanksgiving activities for you to explore this year.

Orange County Turkey Trot

When it comes time for Thanksgiving dinner, the guilt of pigging out on turkey and stuffing can make the meal slightly less enjoyable for some. Luckily, there is a way to have your turkey and eat it too. The Orange County Turkey Trot is here to help you work off that banquet and make you feel fine about gorging yourself! Join thousands of fellow runners for this fun run in your favorite Thanksgiving-themed costume or clothes. And keep in mind, running a 5K means it’s ok to eat 5 pounds of turkey. At least that’s the math we live by.

Dine in the Backyard

We get it. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is hard. It is no mistake that the stress of cooking this massive feast is a common trope on sitcoms. Luckily, there is another way. Instead of packing your family into your home and squabbling over a dried out turkey or underdone potatoes, let someone else do the hard part while you take all the credit! Bring the whole gang to the Hotel Irvine and enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner in The Backyard that will make you a hero among your family and friends. Chow down on winter squash salad with Tuscan kale, quinoa, and cranberries. Dig into a roasted free-range turkey breast, and finish things off with apple-cranberry cobbler and classic pumpkin pie. Your family will thank you and you will be able to get through dinner with your sanity.

We Give Thanks

For many in Orange County, the blessings poured out over the year provide a million things to be thankful for when Thanksgiving comes around. This may well lead you to look for ways to share your time and energy to spread those blessings to those around you. One such opportunity is by joining with the group We Give Thanks to help serve dinner to those who might not have access to the whole traditional Thanksgiving spread. What started as a small free Thanksgiving dinner in the parking lot of founder Frank Garcia’s family restaurant has grown to a massive event where more than 15,000 people come to the Honda Center for a free holiday meal. They are always in need of volunteers to help prepare, serve, and clean up after this impressive feast. You can volunteer here.

Whatever your plans for Thanksgiving, we at Main Street Village hope you have a great one and that you continue to have plenty to be thankful for! Let us know how you end up spending your holiday on Facebook or Instagram and follow our blog here for more Irvine info.