“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them art dirt”

-John Muir

Summer may be winding down, but the gorgeous weather isn’t going anywhere soon.  In fact, a slight fall breeze and temperate ocean days make this some of the best hiking weather in Southern California.  Costa Mesa happens to be chock full with scenic trails for all levels, so get out there and explore the great outdoors!

Fairview Park

Fairview Park offers hikers terrific wrap around views, vernal ponds, and plenty of creatures.  It’s a great ‘choose your own adventure’ sort of place because it has both facilities for picnicking and gatherings as well as plenty of hills with trails where you can find your own private slice of nature.  The view from the top of the bluff overlooking the Santa Ana River and Huntington Beach is well worth the visit.  

Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve

Did you know that Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and Ecological Reserve contain approximately 1,000 acres of open space?  That’s a whole lot of space for you to spread your wings and get those boots dirty.  It’s great for walking, jogging, and biking — plus it’s dog friendly so your pup can enjoy a little R&R in nature alongside you.  The back bay is always packed with wildlife, and it’s fairly flat so you can go at your own pace and bring kids along.  A great place to catch a sunset!

The Best Hiking Trails in Costa Mesa - Main Street Village Apartments 2

Yelp,: Nina C.

Buck Gully Preserve

Views, wildflowers, and meandering trails are the name of the game at beautiful Buck Gully Preserve on the Newport Coast.  There are two trails to choose from, one about a mile, and the other 2.5.  Either trail you choose you’ll be delighted by a bubbling creek and the butterflies who frequent the area.  Like most of the trails on this list, there are some hills but it’s relatively easy.  Beginners won’t miss a beat here!

The Best Hiking Trails in Costa Mesa - Main Street Village Apartments

Yelp,: Nina C.