You can’t avoid pumpkin spice lattes in Fall, they’re everywhere you look as soon as Labor Day ends.  And when a beverage is so inundated in the culture, you can be sure there’s some duds out there as well as some magical-tasty-spiced-just-right pumpkin lattes.  Don’t waste your time sipping your run-of-the-mill PSL, find the best! Here’s our Fall PSL picks in Costa Mesa:

Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey is a really neat cafe in Costa Mesa who celebrates community artists, native decor, all things coffee, and seasonal flavors.  Among the seasonal offerings is a divine pumpkin latte AND a pumpkin chai latte – a double win for us!  The chai flavoring really brings out the richness of pumpkin and is perfect for a chilly fall day.  Get cozy with one of their famous pastries in their bright, welcoming digs.  

Coffee Nature

Of all the coffee shops in Orange County, Coffee Nature is definitely one of the best.  You’ll feel right at home the moment you walk in the door, and the coffee does not disappoint either.  Their pumpkin spice latte is wonderful, and can be made with almond milk too.  It’s made with real pumpkin and not overly sweetened, the real deal!  Sip your PSL inside our outside, there’s ample outdoor seating here and plenty of space to cozy up with a book or friend.  

Portola Coffee Roasters

You won’t find a basic PSL at Portola Coffee Roasters, but you might enjoy their spin on the seasonal pumpkin flavor: a seasonal pumpkin brew with candied ginger.  We would expect no less from the oh-so-hip, and ultra-coffee conscious roasters at Portola.  For something subtle, head to Portola’s and enjoy an atmosphere dedicated to high quality ingredients and creativity.  


We’re not sure if Starbucks invented the PSL or just had great marketing, but credit to Starbucks for being the most popular pumpkin spice latte purveyor around.  Starbucks creates an entire season around the PSL, and we can’t pretend it doesn’t give us the warm fuzzies.  Starbucks is probably the sweetest of the bunch, but it is the original and there’s something special about it no doubt.  If you have a sweet tooth, look no further.  And if you love the original Starbucks flavor but not the saccharine sweet vibe, ask for half the syrup!  You can’t go wrong with the OG PSL!  

Happy pumpkin spiced latte season everyone!