What’s your superpower? We can make wine disappear! We love to practice using our superpower at these local wine bars in our sweetly sophisticated town of Irvine. Do you have friends with a similar superpower? They’ll love these places too.

The Winery Restaurant

The Winery at Tustin is an upscale and stylish wine bar, known for its Award-Winning wine list. They have a grand selection of wines for any occasion: date night, friends-night-out, or dinner with the family. They’re so good, they’re in high demand. Make a reservation today, and enjoy one of their Happy Hour menu items. Their Angeline red blend is rich and swoon-worthy.

Wine Lab

The Wine Lab is an educational wine bar that Bill Nye would die for! This humorous bar serves their selection of wines in Chemistry-lab tubes, turning your dinner table into a faux Science lab. If the atmosphere and serving tubes don’t inspire laughs and friendly dinner fare, their vast selection of wine blends will. They have a wide selection of light, medium, and full body wines for you and your loved ones. Stop by and experiment with a new blend!


Pino’s Palette


Paint and wine night anyone? Pino’s Palette is the mothership for artsy wine-appreciators. They have a friendly and casual ambiance to inspire you and encourage you to meet new people. Other people who love wine and painting as much as you do? What’s stopping you? Visit their website and find out when their next paint and wine class is.


Juliette’s Kitchen & Bar

Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Juliette’s getting thirsty. Juliette’s Kitchen & Bar is a romantic, classic spot for date night in Irvine. Their wine bar exudes the word “indulgence,” which just happens to be the name of one of their best wines: Secret Indulgence 2015. Try any of their red, white, or rose blends and fall in LOVE.

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