You’ve had a long day. Maybe a long week. Maybe a long year. You’re feeling slightly off-balance. Or completely off balance. Or you can’t even remember what the word balance means. It’s time to find your center, to tap into that yoga flow.

You’ve done yoga before, and you know it works. Or you’re desperate and willing to try anything. Or you’re tired of hearing that annoying coworker with the perfect hair talk about their “yoga flow” all the time, and you’re doing this just to spite them. Whatever the reason you choose to go, here are our favorite yoga spots in Irvine CA:

Be the Change Yoga

Not just a yoga center, that’s for sure. But let’s start there. The classes range from beginners (for those basic yoga poses) to therapeutic to advanced, with clever names like “be Inspired” and “be Uplifted.” They even offer a kids class and the “almost a kid” prenatal yoga class. Two neat standouts include the Reiki + Yoga class and the aromatherapy class. They also offer acupuncture (we assume NOT while moving around in yoga poses) and hypnotherapy, among other “Integrative Wellness” services.

Bikram Yoga Irvine

Well, the name of this studio pretty much sums it up: Here you will find Bikram Yoga. Get ready to sweat, Bikram Yoga Irvine offers the original radiant hot yoga method developed in the 1970s by Bikram Choudhury. That’s right, 90 minutes cycling through 26 traditional basic yoga poses. There’s no differentiation of levels here. One class for all students, and even beginners can participate.

[Bikram] “Lavinia, just put your feet together, that is all, just feet together. Good. Now clear your mind, do not be afraid of the posture, do not think one thing. Relax your body, nice and easy. Now pick out a spot on the mirror that you like, something right ahead of you. Do you see something you like? Okay, what? What are you looking at?” [Student] “there’s a finger print on the mirror.” [Bikram] “I’ll tell the cleaning crew to leave it there always, just for you. Keep on looking at the finger mark as though your eyes had turned to stone. Okay? Lavinia, now, and only now, you are finally ready to begin the pose.” 📖 Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class 📸 @nikicram #bikramyogairvine #theoriginalhotyoga #allninetylong #bikramyoga

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Core Power Yoga Irvine

Core Power Yoga Irvine is part of a chain, but really isn’t every living person part of a chain?  The chain of humanity that can be connected through breath? Maybe. Regardless, this isn’t your grandmother’s yoga. Chances are, your grandmother never did yoga, but if she did, it wasn’t this. This is really focused on a physical workout that is anchored with the “mindfulness of yoga.” Yes, at Core Power Yoga’s Irvine studio, you will be posing with dumbbells (there’s gotta be a Kardashian joke in there somewhere). You’ll be in shape, but you’ll realize the shape you’re in is exactly the one you’re supposed to be in.

So those yoga pants you’ve been wearing to clean the house or do laundry or binge watch Netflix? Time to use them for yoga.

It’s Orange County, where a yoga studio is born every time a coyote sneezes (bet you didn’t know that’s where they came from), so we’re sure might already have your favorite spot. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram! And for more info on Irvine, check out our blog!