A common misconception about responsible living is that it’s necessarily Spartan in its approach. This is simply not true. The idea is about being energy efficient and Earth friendly, not about self-sacrifice. The two can go hand-in-hand. But the luxury apartments for rent at Main Street Village in Irvine, California are NOT about sacrificing comfort. First and foremost is living green, sure. But the amenities here are still impressive.


Take a gander at the “Inyo” model, for example. Starting at $2330, this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1103 square foot apartment offers the creature comforts most people demand in their daily lives. Walking through the front door, residents are immediately greeted by a beautiful kitchen and dining area. Featuring stone flooring, wood cabinetry and granite countertops along with low-flow faucets and low VOC paint, the commitment to quality AND efficiency is apparent right off the bat.


The gorgeous balcony opens into the roomy living room, while the bedrooms feature private bathrooms, a large Roman bathtub, and walk-in closets. In short, once again, comfort and responsibility.


And the neighborhood is a part of that equation too. Local businesses are easy to get to and responsible in their approach … a perfect example being Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine & Cocktails, where one can get a meal with a clean conscious.


But the more important piece of the puzzle is the apartment itself. Main Street Village offers multiple floor plans for all needs and wants. Luxury apartments for rent in Irvine, California do not get any more luxurious, or responsible, than this.