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Get in the Autumn Spirit With These Fun, Easy DIY Decorations

As we creep closer to Halloween, or maybe as it creeps closer to us, It’s time to get your house in Fall shape. And when it comes to decorations, homemade crafts can make the most impact. A couple weeks ago, we gave you the best places to find a pumpkin in Irvine. You might even be able to find some ingredients for your DIY decorations at those farms. Here are some easy, creative knick-knacks that will make your home feel like an Autumn paradise.

Indian Corn Wreath

Your front door will be the envy of all your friends with this cute wreath. and making it couldn’t be simpler. Here’s what you’ll need:

About 12-24 mini Indian corns with husk attached. Find some HERE.
Burlap ribbon. Find some HERE.
Hot glue

Cut the cardboard into a circle 12-14 inches in diameter. Then, cut out the middle, leaving a strip of about 2 1/2 inches, so you have a cardboard donut. Next, hot glue one end of your burlap strip to one side of the cardboard, and wind it around the donut until the cardboard is no longer visible. Glue down the loose end of the burlap, making sure it is finishing on the same side as the first end. Then comes the measuring of the corn. Arrange the ears of corn around the donut with the husk on the outside and the tip pointing in. We want to make sure the cobs will form a perfect circle and will all fit without any odd gaps. Finally, hot glue the corn cobs onto the donut one at a time, starting at the 12 o’clock position and working clockwise. Make sure they are evenly spaced. Once the glue has dried, you have a fun decoration that is perfect for Fall!

Image result for maize wreath


Leaf Bowls

What better way to display your Halloween candy or other Fall decorations than in a colorful leaf bowl! This crafty little vessel will be the center of attention at your Halloween party, and they can hold any number of items, meaning the variation possibilities are endless! Here’s what you’ll need:

A pack of faux fall leaves. Find some perfect ones HERE.
Mod Podge Stiffy. It is important to use the Stiffy version to make the bowl rigid enough. Find it HERE.
Spray clear gloss. Find some HERE.
A Large Bowl.
Plastic wrap.

Place the bowl upside down on a table or countertop. Wrap the bowl in plastic wrap so your bowl has a barrier between the leaves and the bowl itself. Now comes the building of the bowl. Brush mod podge onto a leaf-sized area of the bowl near the top. Press a leaf down onto that area and then brush another layer over the leaf itself so it is fully covered, but not drenched. One by one, repeat this process until the bowl is 1/2 to 2/3 covered with leaves with no gaps. Be sure to press down any parts of the leaves that may pop up. Add a little more Mod Podge as needed. Finally, carefully wrap the whole bowl in another layer of plastic wrap to hold everything in place. Let the bowl dry for 6-7 hours (we left ours overnight). Once dry, carefully pull the leaf structure off the bowl mold and gently remove the plastic wrap. If it is difficult to remove the wrapping, it may need to dry some more. Once the bowl is fully dry and the wrap is removed, spray a light coat of gloss over the whole thing to give it a polished look. Give it a little time to dry, and then you have yourself a beautiful leaf bowl! Fill it up with pine cones, wrapped candies, or acorns for a unique Autumn look!

leaf bowl

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Laugh it up at the best comedy clubs in Irvine

Irvine is just far enough out of Los Angeles to have its own identity, but still close enough to be a part of the Entertainment Capital of the World. One of the benefits of that is the thriving comedy scene right here in Irvine! When you’re looking for a fun night out, a comedy show is the perfect idea. Whether it is a bachelorette party, a birthday, graduation, or just a random Tuesday, going out and having a laugh is almost always just what is needed. Here are the best comedy clubs in Irvine for your night on the town.

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Grab a Gourd at the Best Pumpkin Patches Around Irvine

With Halloween coming up fast, it’s time to get your home spookified and ready for a visit from the ghosts and ghouls of All Hallows Eve. Of course, no Halloween display is complete without the jolly grin of a Jack-o-Lantern, and for that, you need a prime pumpkin the perfect shape for carving. For that, you will want to go to one of Irvine’s many pumpkin patches and farms. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered our favorite ones into a convenient list for you. Here the best places for pumpkin party fun!

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Celebrate at the Tustin Tiller Days Festival

Summer is over, and it can seem like the fun days kind of slow down in the Fall. The Tustin Tiller Days Festival is here to provide a weekend of excitement to help summer go out with a bang, Here’s how you can take advantage of the best parts of the event, as well as a brief history so you know what the heck Tustin Tiller Days is all about.

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Best Ice Cream Parlors and Shops in Orange County

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream Irvine!

Sure, Autumn is coming, the temperatures are dropping, so it’s too chilly for ice cream, right?  Well, yeah, in other parts of the country. But lucky for you, it’s Southern California. Here, the sun still shines and temperatures stay warm. And ice cream remains appealing.

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Start Your Day Right With the Best Breakfast Restaurants in Irvine

What’s the most important meal of the day? Come on, we know you know it. You’ve been told your whole life. Plus, the title of this post kind of gives it away. That’s right, it’s breakfast!

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Head South of the Border with Irvine’s Best Mexican Food

Originally, we were going to profile our three favorite actual Mexican restaurants in Irvine CA. But then we realized we would have to leave one of our contenders off the list, as it’s technically not a restaurant. And this would be both a disservice to you and, quite frankly, to Mexican food.

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Find Your Center With the Best Yoga Studios in Irvine

You’ve had a long day. Maybe a long week. Maybe a long year. You’re feeling slightly off-balance. Or completely off balance. Or you can’t even remember what the word balance means. It’s time to find your center, to tap into that yoga flow.

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Leave Your Pup in Safe Hands With the Best Doggie Daycares in Irvine

We understand the gravity of this topic. This isn’t about just tossing a couple twenties to some neighborhood teenager to watch your kids while you go to the movies. This is much more important. This is your dog. So only the best of the best in Irvine can be considered.

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Furnish Your Dream Apartment at These Three Local Stores

Furnishing a new apartment can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a huge hassle.  If you’re new to the neighborhood and excited to get started on furnishing your new place, these three nearby stores will get you the most bang for your buck—and leave you with a living space you can be proud of.

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