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Explore the Hiking Trails Around Irvine

Normally when someone tells you to take a hike, they are trying to get rid of you. Here in Southern California, where people often combine a love for the outdoors with fitness, we mean “take a hike” literally. Usually. Even if someone is trying to make you go away, there are some beautiful, scenic places right here in Irvine to go away to. Here are three of our favorites.

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The Best Farmers Markets Around Irvine

These days, it seems like anyone can throw up a couple of tables to sell artisanal cheeses from goats that have voluntarily milked themselves, or craft beers from a microbrewery that only uses hops that have been read Shakespeare as they blossom and call themselves a farmers’ market. We’re not saying it’d be a hipster, but it’d probably be a hipster.

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The Happiest Happy Hours in Irvine

It’s quitting time, and you just don’t feel like going straight home. After a long day at work, you could probably use a drink. There’s an easy solution. Call up a friend and have them meet you for Happy Hour! Here are our favorite Happy Hour spots in Irvine.

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Dive Into the Best Swimming Spots in Newport Beach

When we first contemplated this entry of the best places to swim in Newport Beach, we considered simply posting a photo of Main Street Village’s Junior Olympic size swimming pool and calling it a day. After all, what better place to swim than your own backyard? And not just because of the pool — don’t forget our cabanas and hot tubs.

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Explore The Top Tier Golf Courses of Irvine

We live in Orange County mostly for one reason: the weather! It is a perfect place where the temperature is usually perfect and the skies are blue and clear. And what better way to take advantage of that beautiful weather than hitting the links? Here are the top 3 golf courses around Irvine.

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The Best Italian Restaurants in Newport Beach

For Italian food lovers, great Italian food means so much more than just a bowl of pasta.   The quality and origin of the ingredients give it a regional flare and dimension.  Besides the obvious deliciousness of Italian food, Italian restaurants are known for their warm service and family-like welcoming atmosphere.  Here’s some of our favorite restaurants in Newport Beach where you’ll be welcomed like family as you feast on some of the finest Italian flavors around!

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The Best Barre Studios in Irvine

The barre method has quickly become a favorite among workout enthusiasts.  The Barre workout utilizes a combination of postures regularly practiced in yoga and pilates along with some exercises performed with the use of a ballet barre (hence the name).  The benefits of barre are endless, but most people go for the thin sculpting effect and incredible help with posture and balance!  Barre studios have been popping up all over the place, so we’ve collected a few of our favorites in the Irvine area where you can sweat and sculpt!  

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The Best Beaches To Workout On In Newport Beach

Southern California is an incredible place to live, work, and play.  And the crown jewel of the golden state?  Our magnificent beaches of course!  If you started 2018 with some fresh goals to exercise and spend more time outdoors, we’re with you.  What better place to get a workout in than on the sand?  Here are the best beaches to workout on in Newport Beach — you won’t even know you’re working out we promise!

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Jump Start Your New Year Resolutions With These Local Healthy Eateries in Costa Mesa

We all make big plans at the start of the New Year for remaking our bodies and minds, and usually at the top of everyone’s list: eat healthier!  And of course, we all get busy part way through January and our resolutions start to fade.  But we’re here to help you jump start your resolution once more with these local healthy eateries.  So if you’re busy and itching to get out of your own kitchen, these restaurants will make eating healthy fun and easy!

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Where To Order Thanksgiving Dishes In Irvine If You Don’t Feel Like Cooking For Thanksgiving

Love Thanksgiving, but cooking’s not your forte?  Preparing a feast isn’t for everyone, but luckily eating one is! These Orange County restaurants make Thanksgiving dinner to-go so you don’t have to, no need to tell your guests — it’ll be our little secret!

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