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Get in the Autumn Spirit With These Fun, Easy DIY Decorations

As we creep closer to Halloween, or maybe as it creeps closer to us, It’s time to get your house in Fall shape. And when it comes to decorations, homemade crafts can make the most impact. A couple weeks ago, we gave you the best places to find a pumpkin in Irvine. You might even be able to find some ingredients for your DIY decorations at those farms. Here are some easy, creative knick-knacks that will make your home feel like an Autumn paradise.

Indian Corn Wreath

Your front door will be the envy of all your friends with this cute wreath. and making it couldn’t be simpler. Here’s what you’ll need:

About 12-24 mini Indian corns with husk attached. Find some HERE.
Burlap ribbon. Find some HERE.
Hot glue

Cut the cardboard into a circle 12-14 inches in diameter. Then, cut out the middle, leaving a strip of about 2 1/2 inches, so you have a cardboard donut. Next, hot glue one end of your burlap strip to one side of the cardboard, and wind it around the donut until the cardboard is no longer visible. Glue down the loose end of the burlap, making sure it is finishing on the same side as the first end. Then comes the measuring of the corn. Arrange the ears of corn around the donut with the husk on the outside and the tip pointing in. We want to make sure the cobs will form a perfect circle and will all fit without any odd gaps. Finally, hot glue the corn cobs onto the donut one at a time, starting at the 12 o’clock position and working clockwise. Make sure they are evenly spaced. Once the glue has dried, you have a fun decoration that is perfect for Fall!

Image result for maize wreath


Leaf Bowls

What better way to display your Halloween candy or other Fall decorations than in a colorful leaf bowl! This crafty little vessel will be the center of attention at your Halloween party, and they can hold any number of items, meaning the variation possibilities are endless! Here’s what you’ll need:

A pack of faux fall leaves. Find some perfect ones HERE.
Mod Podge Stiffy. It is important to use the Stiffy version to make the bowl rigid enough. Find it HERE.
Spray clear gloss. Find some HERE.
A Large Bowl.
Plastic wrap.

Place the bowl upside down on a table or countertop. Wrap the bowl in plastic wrap so your bowl has a barrier between the leaves and the bowl itself. Now comes the building of the bowl. Brush mod podge onto a leaf-sized area of the bowl near the top. Press a leaf down onto that area and then brush another layer over the leaf itself so it is fully covered, but not drenched. One by one, repeat this process until the bowl is 1/2 to 2/3 covered with leaves with no gaps. Be sure to press down any parts of the leaves that may pop up. Add a little more Mod Podge as needed. Finally, carefully wrap the whole bowl in another layer of plastic wrap to hold everything in place. Let the bowl dry for 6-7 hours (we left ours overnight). Once dry, carefully pull the leaf structure off the bowl mold and gently remove the plastic wrap. If it is difficult to remove the wrapping, it may need to dry some more. Once the bowl is fully dry and the wrap is removed, spray a light coat of gloss over the whole thing to give it a polished look. Give it a little time to dry, and then you have yourself a beautiful leaf bowl! Fill it up with pine cones, wrapped candies, or acorns for a unique Autumn look!

leaf bowl

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The Best Farmers Markets Around Irvine

These days, it seems like anyone can throw up a couple of tables to sell artisanal cheeses from goats that have voluntarily milked themselves, or craft beers from a microbrewery that only uses hops that have been read Shakespeare as they blossom and call themselves a farmers’ market. We’re not saying it’d be a hipster, but it’d probably be a hipster.

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Earth-friendly and family-oriented

Main Street Village luxury apartments offer comfortable and convenient living in beautiful Orange County and a variety of floor plans for families of all sizes.

Every resident here enjoys the same apartment features whether they live in a one, two or three bedroom home. Each apartment has a big, dazzling gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, stone floors and full height backsplashes. There’s also a washer and dryer in every unit and breakfast nooks for casual dining. Spacious bathrooms feature relaxing soaking tubs perfect for a spa night at home. The living area opens up to a private balcony, where many residents can be seen enjoying a glass of wine from a local vineyard.

The trend these days is all about living in environmentally-friendly communities but there’s often a trade off, space. Living at Main Street Village doesn’t require a compromise. The first privately-owned “Green” Community in Orange County offers space and responsible living all in a beautiful community conveniently located in Irvine.

Residents here enjoy all of the community amenities, from a 24-hour fitness center to a saltwater resort pool. On sunny Southern California weekends, many neighbors like to gather around the BBQ or screen a movie in the private theater room. Sunday mornings are spent tending to the community garden. Luxury living can be good for the environment.

For more on all the features at Main Street Village luxury apartments including the amenities and information about the community’s sustainability, click here. Life can be convenient, comfortable and environmentally-responsible here.


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Room for one (or two)

The luxury apartments for rent in Irvine, CA at Main Street Village offer residents an incredible 6 different floor one-bedroom plans (four of them currently available to new tenants)—perfect for couples and singles alike. Every unit highlights environmentally-friendly appliances, lighting and plumbing—all in well-appointed luxury, with granite countertops, Roman bathtubs, private patios/balconies and oversized closets.

640 square feet is downright spacious when thoughtfully designed, and the Tahoe floor plan, with its massive kitchen and bathroom prove that when living small, residents still need not sacrifice luxury. The bedroom – still surprisingly spacious – also boasts a large walk-in closet, and the living room is attached to a sun-lit balcony.

The popular Sequoia floor plan, 1063 square feet, separates both en suite bedrooms by a spacious living and dining area, perfect for entertaining. Each bedroom features a large walk-in closet and plenty of natural light streaming in from the patio/balcony.

For those more interested in dinner parties or long, candlelit dinners for two, the Stanislaus floor plan features an enormous kitchen which overlooks an open dining and living space. The private balcony, attached to the bedroom, is picture-perfect for lazy Sunday mornings over coffee and croissants.

Those preferring an even more open layout will love the Eldorado floor plan, with its L-shaped kitchen and combination living/eating set up. As with every other one-bedroom floor plan at the Main Street Village, the bedroom boasts a large closet, and the bathroom features a bathtub perfect for a long soak after a stressful work day.

Looking for luxury apartments for rent in Irvine, CA? Look no further than Main Street Village.

Main Street Village - MAR 11 IMAGE

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Convenience, Comfort and Kermit

I don’t ask for much when it comes to living spaces, just a place that’s clean and safe. So, boy, did my eyes widen the first time I saw Main Street Village luxury apartments.

This place is beyond clean, it’s a green building that qualifies for LEED-NCv2.2 certification. Here’s what that means and how Main Street Village went about earning the certification. This community is also beautiful, lush greenery and gardens everywhere you look.

Main Street Village is also safe, featuring private parking with controlled entry access and secured bike storage.

But there’s so much more here that makes life convenient and comfortable. A 24-hour fitness center so I don’t have to pay for a separate gym membership. Three pools, and junior Olympic size pool for exercising, a saltwater resort-style pool for lounging and a wading pool for cooling off. There are areas for hanging out, for holding meetings, for simply having fun. Entertain in the clubhouse gourmet kitchen, rent the private theatre room for a girl’s night at the movies or sit out by the fire on a nice evening. We have so many of those to enjoy here in Irvine.

Now I know to expect more when it comes to apartment living. Gone are the days of small spaces and sparse amenities. Main Street Village has everything I need to work and play, even things I never knew I needed before. And I’m proud to live in a place committed to being good to the environment. Like Kermit the Frog once said, “It isn’t easy being green.”


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I’ll admit, I drive an electric car. And I’m big into sustainability. I use LED bulbs, too.

So to find luxury apartments for rent in Irvine, CA, like Main Street Village, centered on environmentally conscious construction and community? I was sold. There’s LEV/FEV parking for my car, there’s low usage faucets, and there are energy efficient lighting and appliances throughout the entire complex.

But even with the thoughtful design of the complex, it’s still utterly luxurious, from the poolside cabanas and the stunning pool, to the barbecue pit perfectly situated for a lazy summer cookout with friends. There’s even a state-of-the-art fitness center on-site, where I can drift from my intense cardio workout to unwinding my muscles in the gorgeous Jacuzzi. And honestly, the fitness center is the best out of any luxury apartment complex I’ve ever lived – whether Irvine or Houston. It’s that good.

Main Street Village is also close to a pretty jog along the San Diego Creek, where it crosses the apartment community’s namesake, Main Street. It’s also an easy place to navigate a bicycle, and MSV has ample parking and storage for bicycles. When I’m not on the elliptical it the fitness center, or jogging on the street, you will absolutely find me on the San Diego Creek bicycle path.

I want my home to feel like an oasis. And the luxury apartments for rent in Irvine, CA at Main Street Village offer the best of both worlds: a way to live conscientiously and healthfully, but still experience the trappings of luxury and beauty.

Main Street Village - FEB 19 IMAGE

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Super Bowl, wings and beer oh my!

The next reason to celebrate and the most watched television event of the year is coming up. Do you have plans yet? If you haven’t been able to snag tickets you can either have people over to your apartment at Main Street Village in Irvine, Ca, or you can go out to a sports bar. There are a few close by.

A nice go-to national chain and less than five miles away is Buffalo Wild Wings. They have over 30 flat screen televisions to view the big game. Wings are served with or without bones and you can pick from 16 sauces and five seasonings. Burgers, sandwiches, chicken tenders and kids items are also on the menu. This month their featured draft beer is Samuel Adams Rebel IPA.

Less than seven miles away is Yard House. They have several local beers such as Green Flash Tangerine Soul Style from San Diego, Bottle Logic Recursion IPA from Anaheim, Coronado Sand Side IPA and Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout from Petaluma. Although, I don’t think I would try beer mixed with coffee. These are just some of the beers they offer which is more than 100 on tap. Menu items range from pizzas to raw Ahi and pasta and enchiladas in between.

So, whether you pick a sports bar, or call some friends and grab some suds and grub and stay in to view the game in your living room at Main Street Village, I’m sure either option will be enjoyable.

Main Street Village-Feb5 IMAGE

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Stone Cold Lock

The beauty on display in Irvine, California is part of what keeps us here. From the natural, to the fantastic architecture, to the people themselves, the aesthetics here are attractive. And the luxury apartments for rent at Main Street Village are no exception.

The amenities around the facility are great, and worthy of mention at every opportunity. The public garden, the electric car stalls and the bicycle parking … all things that show what the green living commitment at this complex is all about.

But my favorite aspects of my home come in the apartment itself. And while the features around my unit are numerous, my biggest feelings of comfort and satisfaction center on the kitchen, where granite countertops and stone flooring combine to provide beauty and functionality.

Some people don’t spend much time in the kitchen, and that’s okay. I do. So when I head over to Mother’s Market and Kitchen for some fresh, delicious ingredients to put together a nice, Italian dinner, I know that a worthwhile kitchen is waiting for me when I get home.

I mean, nothing repels tomato sauce quite like polished stone. And that’s not even taking into account prep work. Let’s just say I have little reservation about cutting anything on these fabulous counters.

So the question is, does Main Street Village make sense for people looking for luxury apartments for rent in Irvine, California? My answer is quick and simple: These apartments are stone cold locks (whether you use the kitchen granite or not).


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Test Blog Post

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The Green Is Everywhere

Main Street Village in Irvine, California takes being green seriously. Other luxury apartments for rent might do some small percentage of what Main Street does, but I find it hard to believe that any other complex could match mine where it comes to putting their money where their mouth is.

Let’s be real, the amenities within the apartments are great in and of themselves. Water reducing faucets, high efficiency toilets, energy saving appliances, low VOC paint and more assure residents that their individual units will be environment friendly. To many of us, that matters.

But Main Street goes further. The expansive community garden area is unique among apartment complexes. The ability to park and charge electric cars is of course appreciated (and for some of us, necessary). But the vast amount of bicycle parking is what really gets me going.

It seems like a small thing, right? But as most other bike owners know, finding a place to park our bikes can be a tremendous hassle. Heck, just finding a proper repair shop is hard — fortunately, I have a good one in Chuck’s Bike Shop. But it’s the message here that matters. Yeah, if someone doesn’t provide bike parking, it’s annoying, but more to me, it says they just don’t know or care. And really, it’s the latter, not the former, because if you bring it up, you get push back.

Every time.

So when a special place like Main Street Village does what’s right, they deserve special praise. Irvine, California is a beautiful place to live, and our decision to live a green lifestyle keeps it beautiful. Luxury apartments for rent don’t always get that. But we do. And we’re better off for it.


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