Main Street Village in Irvine, California takes being green seriously. Other luxury apartments for rent might do some small percentage of what Main Street does, but I find it hard to believe that any other complex could match mine where it comes to putting their money where their mouth is.

Let’s be real, the amenities within the apartments are great in and of themselves. Water reducing faucets, high efficiency toilets, energy saving appliances, low VOC paint and more assure residents that their individual units will be environment friendly. To many of us, that matters.

But Main Street goes further. The expansive community garden area is unique among apartment complexes. The ability to park and charge electric cars is of course appreciated (and for some of us, necessary). But the vast amount of bicycle parking is what really gets me going.

It seems like a small thing, right? But as most other bike owners know, finding a place to park our bikes can be a tremendous hassle. Heck, just finding a proper repair shop is hard — fortunately, I have a good one in Chuck’s Bike Shop. But it’s the message here that matters. Yeah, if someone doesn’t provide bike parking, it’s annoying, but more to me, it says they just don’t know or care. And really, it’s the latter, not the former, because if you bring it up, you get push back.

Every time.

So when a special place like Main Street Village does what’s right, they deserve special praise. Irvine, California is a beautiful place to live, and our decision to live a green lifestyle keeps it beautiful. Luxury apartments for rent don’t always get that. But we do. And we’re better off for it.